1. Do not panic,think positive, and stay united.

Try your best to stay level headed, no matter how extreme the situation may appear. If you’re in a family, work together and come up with a plan that works for you. Set up a budget to guide your spending and saving.

2. Open your mind to additional income sources.

Build up income streams to create a buffer, if you haven’t already, to grow your income over your expenses.

See what works best for you and your circumstances:

3. Live within your means—not someone else’s

While you put more money in your bank account, consider ways to cut expenses. Start small and build from there. Avoid comparing yourself with others; it will only make you spend money you do not have.

Try to use deals and savings like:

4. Be careful with credit cards and reduce debt.

Don’t rely on your credit cards to carry you through this mess. Ask yourself, ‘Can I afford it?’. If you can’t, wait and save. Call your credit card companies to lower your interest rate and to work on a doable payment plan. Use your credit cards wisely.

How are you working through this economic mess? What tips can you share?

Additional Financial Tips:

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