Mr. BFS and I usually take about a week off in the summer to travel.  Usually, it’s either to take a cruise or to fly to Las Vegas.  This summer, we may have to get creative since I am spending $1500 to go to London to visit my uncle in mid-summer too.

Vacation Options

  • 5 Day Cruise – I generally can get us great prices right before school lets out or right after it starts again.  Last year, our 5 day cruise cost us less than $1500 overall including the tickets and money spent on the cruise itself.  We didn’t do any planned excursions though, and this time it may be an extra $150 since I would want to at least snorkel.
  • Las Vegas – I don’t think we’d be able to do better than $1500-$2000 overall.  We do gamble, in person instead of online like at, but the majority of our budget is spent on plane tickets, the hotel, food, and the events.  We love to eat and see shows in Vegas.
  • Bed and Breakfast in our state – We could have a long weekend for about $500, but Mr. BFS may get bored.  I don’t mind some peaceful walks and hanging out, but he enjoys planned activities more.
  • Long weekend to San Antonio, Austin, or New Orleans – We’d be looking at $500-$1000, but we’d definitely have fun.  They all have cool places to see and eat.  And we haven’t been to New Orleans in 10 years!
  • Staycation – we could just splurge on some nice food and stay in for the summer to save money, but we’d still be looking at $150-$200 and we may regret not getting away together like usual.

So, we have options, but we may not know what we’re going to do until we do it.  How about you, any summer vacation plans?  Do you have traditions or normal travel plans?



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