I know a lot of readers are college students and are looking for ways to improve their finances. Some of them may be strapped for cash, but still want to be responsible with their money. My husband was kind enough to write a program to help budget someone’s money. It’s completely free.

Panda Budget: Free Budget Tool for GPT Readers

Panda Budget: Free Budget Tool for GPT Readers

PandaBudget is a simple budget program that can help you allocate your money.

  • Create/edit monthly expenses
  • Label expenses as critical (Rent/Food), important (Car payments), or luxuries (Cable TV)
  • Note your bills as paid

Who is This For: Anyone wanting a simple budgeting tool for free (like a college student).

Who is This Not For: Someone who is looking for a A-Z program to track their budget, investments, and net worth. I would love to suggest that you try out Quicken or Mint for your needs.

System Requirements

  • .NET framework if you’re running Windows XP or
  • Windows Vista/ Windows 7
  • Use Mono if you’re running Linux or a Mac


This is a huge part of the software as my husband would love to make a more useful tool for people. Please send your feedback on what you like and what you would want from the software.

Download Panda Budget