Life after college. Some of you will be going back to college next month for the last time ever. Some of you have a few years left. Others are completely done with college. Regardless of where you stand I thought that it would be important to cover the many options for life after college.

I was going to cover standard topics revolving around interviews and business cards (I will do this eventually), but after reading the recent review of Escape Cubicle Nation on this blog, I wanted to try something different. I wanted to look at a few outside-the-box ideas for life after college:

Work for free.

Volunteering is an excellent way to get your foot in the door at the company of your choice. Of course this is also the least attractive option for most college graduates. After spending so many years working extensive hours to complete your studies in hopes of making big money after college, it can be discouraging to work for free. However, the reality is that volunteering is an excellent opportunity to get your foot in the door at a young age and during a time were many companies are not hiring in high volumes. Plus it’s much easier to work for free when your expenses are really low and you only have a few bills to pay.

Work abroad.

There are many excellent opportunities for working abroad available. Whether you want to find a job in your field or if you want to teach English in a foreign country, there are opportunities available that will allow you to earn money while you leave the country for a little while. This unique option allows you to earn a living while you step outside of your comfort zone. Being far away from home is also the perfect catalyst for learning a new language and adopting to a new culture.

Long term travel.

A friend of mine just graduated from college and is now backpacking through Europe for the next few months. Long term travel can sometimes be the most life changing experience. After spending many years living within the structured college system, it can be a harsh reality check to have to care for yourself as you travel foreign places all on your own, far from home. Long term travel may not provide you with the needed income but it will give you valuable life advice that you couldn’t find anywhere else. You might also end up finding a new job in a different country if things work out.

Start making money on your own.

If you’re still living at home with your expenses and responsibilities both very low, this might be the perfect time to start your own business. If you always wanted to venture off on your own then this could be the best time. It’s going to be extremely difficult to attempt to start your own business when you have a family relying on you for income. This is also likely the direction that me and a few of my friends will head in. There’s nothing like attempting to start your own business after leaving the confines of college.

I didn’t put “take time off to find yourself” or any other crap like that because quite frankly I don’t believe in it. I wanted to include a few outside-the-box options for college graduates. Please let me know if I missed anything.

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Martin Dasko

Martin Dasko