It’s a slow day at work and I had a chance to catch up on some interesting articles on the web. After checking out Yahoo’s list of new necessities, here are the ones that I regularly use.

  • Daily Latte: I don’t get lattes, but I usually get breakfast 2-3 week outside. It does add up and the food isn’t all that. (Sorry BK French toast sticks.) $8-12/week or $416-624/week
  • 2nd Car: We have two cars that we use for work, errands, and so forth. We are actually trying to reduce car usage. I don’t see us getting rid of a car, but I would like to help the environment and our pocketbook by walking more and finding a bicycle to use. $3,000 year for fuel/insurance/maintenance
  • Cell Phone: I think we could save money by downgrading our plan. We have more than enough minutes. It is costing us $110/month with taxes including for the both of us. We also use Skype as a ‘home’ line and that’s only $3/month.

The others on the list either don’t apply to us (we rent and have no children) or we’re frugal and do our own cat grooming. How about you? What are some new necessities that you use on a regular basis?

I don’t know about you, but slow days kill me. It’s only 11:14am and I’m bored to death. I offered some of my co-workers my help and one has taken me up on my offer. I don’t want to announce I’m doing well because sometimes low value projects get thrown on the to-do list. So my reward for working effectively and efficiently is to get work that someone else was supposed to do but couldn’t due to taking long breaks and chatting on the phone? No thanks…..