Before my husband and I had kids, dining out on a budget was a breeze. Granted, it was in many ways unnecessary – these were the days before we were paying for a family health insurance plan, dance classes, preschool, or food and clothing for a family of four – but it was, nonetheless, far simpler than it is now. Back then, my husband and I could order a (non-alcoholic) beverage each, a moderately-priced entree, and maybe even dessert, all without spending more than $25 a week.

Sigh. Those were the days…

Now that we have two children in tow, it’s almost impossible to stay on budget and still eat enough to feel full. In the past, we’ve taken advantage of everything from discount coupons to eating at buffets to make that happen. Now, I’ve found a new website that’s making it far easier.

The website My Kids Eat Free does exactly what its name suggests: it lists restaurants that provide families with free meals from the children’s menu based on location as well as by day of the week. So, say you’ll be visiting Grandma and Grandpa in Akron, Ohio this Tuesday? You’re in luck! The Denny’s Restaurant there – along with just about every Denny’s location nationwide – offers free kids’ meals with a paying adult. Or, maybe you and your husband just don’t want to cook dinner next Wednesday in your hometown of Austin, Texas? No problem! Serrano’s Cafe lets kids eat free each and every Wednesday.

My Kids Eat Free, which is operated by a North Carolina man, reports that nearly 80 percent of all kids eat free deals are spread through word of mouth. They encourage anyone who knows of a deal to submit them online.

Reader, do you use any websites to help you locate kids eat free offers?

**DISCLAIMER: This post was not sponsored by any website, company, or outside agency. It’s simply a no-strings-attached review from a satisfied user!**

Libby Balke

Libby Balke