“How long have you been working on your novel”

“Ten Years”

“Wow.  It must be really good”

“It’s a piece of shit” – Donald Sutherland’s Professor in Animal House.

I always talk about how I once wrote a novel.  And that the second I was done writing it, I decided it was terrible and should never see the light of day.  I am currently working on my second novel, which in my humble opinion is about 1000x better.  Lately, however, I have been thinking it’s kind of a shame to devote that much time (to my first novel) only to never have anyone read it.

What I propose to do is to release every Friday the next chapter from my first novel.  So, every Friday you can come here and pick up my “novel” where you left off, if you are so inclined.  In time, I plan to release it all together as an e-book.  I’m not sure if there is any interest–and again–even I am not sold on the work.  But I think maybe some criticism, etc., with the book can help me as I continue to plow through my second novel.

So, I hope everyone will be open to this–even on a personal finance site–and come back Friday for the first chapter out of my first (very unpublished) novel: “The Clerk”.  It’s a legal thriller (shocker).  By the way, so is my second novel only this time I have a killer plot.

I look forward to your thoughts and criticisms.