Put a What? By the Where?

This tip is actually essential since I live in the desert. We’re on water rationing throughout the summer and can only water our plants on certain days, during the time when they need it most! Since we’re on a drip system (economical and most green) we’re not as highly regulated, but we still try to be as water smart as possible. So we look for water that isn’t being fully utilized.

For instance, there’s a considerable amount of water that goes down the drain that is just wasted. When you’re waiting for the water to heat up for your bath or shower, that water serves little purpose; if you fill up your “shower bucket” with warming water, you have a fresh daily supply for your garden (square foot or otherwise).

If you utilize soap that’s camping safe, like Dr. Bronner’s, you can even re-use your gently used bathwater to water your garden. (Here’s where someone says, “Oh my gosh, ewww! That’s dirty!” And where I say, “Yes, and you’re pouring it on dirt. The problem is?”)

Where else can you save water? My mother used to keep a pitcher by the kitchen sink to catch “warming” water for the houseplants. In Marin County, CA my family grew up with the “If it’s brown, flush it down; if it’s yellow, let it mellow” toilet flushing guidelines. Frankly I’m more comfortable with a composting toilet than I am walking behind someone’s mellow.

If you want to you can be creative enough to find solutions that are planet friendly and pocket friendly. And now, I’ll know who reads my blog by what I find in the bathroom. 🙂

Photo Courtesy of Shermeee