Welcome to the Money Saving Madness list! Today I’m going to be listing some ideas (50 to be exact) on how you can start saving money today, as in right NOW!

Some of the ideas in this list we already talked about in detail before so I will be linking to those articles where it applies!

Get a pen and paper out and prepare yourself for some knowledge! I have gathered these tips from my studies and research regarding wise money management and I would love to share them with you.

50 Wise Ways You Can Start Saving Money Today

Money Saving Madness

    1. Drink more water
    2. Don’t eat out
    3. Cook double, than freeze
    4. Learn how to cut costs on food
    5. More veggies, less meat.
    6. Read more books
    7. Add vinegar to your cleaning arsenal
    8. Buy in bulk
    9. Avoid high-street prices
    10. Invest in money saving products
    11. Learn how to save money online
    12. Create and stick to a budget
    13. Know what you want vs what you need
    14. Never pay full price
    15. Remember that impulse buying is the devil!
    16. Learn how to coupon!
    17. Create an emergency fund
    18. Start an inexpensive hobby
    19. Learn how to adjust
    20. Keep your money safe!
    21. Stop paying for a gym
    22. Cut back on your social life
    23. Remember that the best things in life are free
    24. Stop habits that cost you money
    25. Get around by foot if you can
    26. Avoid travelling in peak seasons
    27. Drop cable, seriously!
    28. Don’t be brand loyal
    29. Learn to say no when you just can’t afford it
    30. Set a savings goal
    31. Take up money saving as a hobby rather than as a “must”
    32. Encourage your partner to take up money saving as a hobby too
    33. Shop online for most items, that’s where the biggest deals are!
    34. Stop the waste of resources like electricity and gas
    35. Throw away your credit cards
    36. Don’t get in debt
    37. Live simply and you’ll be happy
    38. Stay healthy! Health costs are tough!
    39. Learn how to increase your monthly income
    40. Don’t subscribe to nothing you can do without
    41. Look for cheaper places to live if rent is too big to handle
    42. Carpool to work, social events, etc…
    43. Learn basic home maintenance
    44. Always ask for fees to be waived, it may just work
    45. You do not need the latest gadget, I know, it’s tough!
    46. Wait a week before you make a big purchase, see if you REALLY want it
    47. Do not give up, you’ll learn and improve in time
    48. Check the tips I receive from friends on Pinterest
    49. Check out my Money Saving Blog
    50. Tell me your tips!!

    I am going to leave the floor wide open for YOU! Drop me a comment below with your money saving tips!

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Till next time…

    Money Saving Madness: 50 Ways To Financial Highway