I missed going out to eat and posting last week because our third child was born. (You can read details of her birth and see a picture here.)

We went to Maria’s a few days before the baby was born, which is why you will see references to my pregnancy in this post. There are also no pictures for this post. I think I accidentally deleted them. Ooops.

We love Mexican food, and we visit those restaurants frequently. We recently went to Maria’s and enjoyed our experience.

We began the meal with Queso Fundido ($7.95). Yum! This was a yellow cheese dip with a slight hint of spice. It was served with soft chips, like tortillas that had been fried. Honestly, I could have eaten this for my meal. My son and I ate so much of it, I had plenty of leftovers from my main meal to take home.

They did not have a kid’s menu, but the waiter told me I could just order something for my son and they would make it kid size. He ended up ordering a chicken taco, which came open face with cheese, lettuce and tomato on top. My son liked it, and we were only charged $2.00 for it.

I ordered the Enchilada’s Suiza for $9.95. I thought this entrée was alright. I must be honest and say that pregnancy hormones have skewed my tastes a bit, and I don’t currently find tomato sauce or paste as appetizing as I do when not pregnant. So while I liked the shredded chicken inside, I did not care for the tomato sauce poured over the top.

My husband ordered Pollo Chihuahua for $14.95. This is a char-broiled chicken breast with Chihuahua cheese on top and sautéed vegetables on the side. He asked for corn tortillas with the meal but was given flour tortillas. However, he enjoyed the meal; the chicken was moist. It was a bit greasy for his tastes, but he would order it again. His meal was rounded out with a soda for $2.00.

My daughter enjoyed my husband’s refried beans and flour tortillas. She also liked the cheese dip and the chicken soup that came out before our meal.

Our total was $36.85 plus 3.87 tax giving us a grand total of $40.72. We brought a restaurant.com certificate, which gave us $25 off of our order, so our total was then reduced to $15.72. We left a tip of $7.28 for a grand total of $23.00, plus the $2.00 restaurant.com certificate equals $25.00 exactly. We also saved $25.00.

We enjoyed this restaurant and found the staff to be conscientious and child friendly. We would go back again.