I’ve always loved this expression, but I don’t think I fully experienced it until this past week. It seemed like everything culminated in one lousy week where the fates laughed at me until they peed.

First, I pressed the wrong button when filing my weekly unemployment claim, and almost lost all of my unemployment. Then it took two days on hold to try and correct it.

Second, I received a phone call from the people who will be driving up the remainder of our belongings to say that they might be postponing their trip….indefinitely.

Next, I finally got my letter from the Oregon Board of Massage Therapists informing me that I was 40 hours short of their requirements. This wouldn’t be a big deal if it weren’t for summer session starting last week, potentially putting it into next year for me to be licensed and working again. (It’s not that I’m not grateful for unemployment, but I didn’t want to have to apply in the first place, and I don’t want to start going insane looking at the same four walls.)

Lastly, my husband’s car completely died when the timing belt broke. We felt lucky that it happened 100 feet from our door and not on the freeway five minutes previous. After spending $360 to have the timing belt replaced, we found out a valve was bent. The cost to rebuild the valves? $1500…for a $2000 car. It runs, but just well enough to get it back home, not for around town driving.

So how are we doing? Not too bad overall. I am, of course, responding to the universe laughing at me with more plans. The unemployment matter was handled. I’ve made arrangements to receive the most important of our belongings via postal service if necessary, although it appears the people may be coming after all. I can contact my massage school to see if they will verify additional training, which would be acceptable by the Board. Otherwise, I’m continuing to look for work and patiently waiting.

The worst blow was the car. It is a substantial loss to my husband’s independence, and while we do have a second car, it is an SUV and gets much less gas mileage. We are considering four options right now:
1) Sell the car to a salvage yard.
2) Sell the car as a project car to a private party. (At $700, it would still be a great deal for someone.)
3) Donate the car to charity.
4) Let it wait until the registration comes due in November, and try to save up the money to repair it.

I think we’re leaning towards #4, because if that doesn’t work, we can still choose from the first three options. In addition, we might decide to purchase something else with the repair money.

The proudest part of everything that’s been going on, was we didn’t have to put the timing belt repair on credit card. We paid cash for an emergency car repair for the first time in five years, possibly for the first time ever.

I think I’m handling everything quite well. Now I’m just waiting for the universe to laugh again.

Photo Courtesy of traveling.lunas

Andi B.
Andi B.