Good Morning Green Panda Readers. If you are in your late teens then you are probably enjoying your last summer before you go away or start college, if you are in your early twenties then you may be gaining valuable work experience during these hot summer months, and if you are in your late twenties (or early thirties) then you may be considering whether or not to go back to school.

The decision to apply to college (whether you are in your late teens or in your late twenties) is definitely a decision that can change your life.  Getting a good education can help us get our dream job or excel in our favourite hobby and pastime. Applying to the right school, choosing the right program, and picking the perfect subject major are all part of the excitement of going away to college.

Making the Decision to Apply to College

Some of us may apply to the college of our choice and some of us may apply to the school of our parent’s choice. Choosing the right school for us to fit into as a freshman will have a big impact on how we perform during our first year as well as how we adjust to college life during the crucial few months of our first semester.

If you choose to attend a school away from your family the adjustment period can be difficult as we adjust to new surroundings in a new city; but the transition can be easier if we choose to make friends, join a club at school, or even work part time.  Meeting people who may be adjusting to a new life in college and who are experiencing the same things that we are currently going through can help ease the transition.

Some of us may apply to college in order to get an education and ultimately get to where we want to be in life and in our career after graduation.  Some of us may apply to college in order to pursue our childhood dreams, and some of us may apply to college in order to master certain skills so that we can make our hobby into our profession.

The perfect school should offer the courses that we want to major in and it should definitely help us achieve our goals after graduation. But making the decision to apply to the perfect college is just the beginning of several decisions that we will ultimately have to make.

Here are some decisions that you will have to make when applying to college:

– Will you live on campus in a dorm room or will you get an apartment off campus?

– Will you choose to work part time or will you apply for student loans?

– Will you take a full course load or will you choose to study part time?

– Will you live alone or will you have a roommate?

– Will you declare your major right away or will you explore your options?

– Will you decide to take on a double major?


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Tahnya Kristina

Tahnya Kristina

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