As I said in my last post, my wife and I are teaming up and spending our evenings trying to tackle our six figure debt once and for all–by creating a multi million dollar website. Call it ambitious. Call it crazy. Call it–totally desperate. We either don’t care what you think or slightly agree. But we’re going to go ahead with it anyway.

What a Sane Person Would Do

A sane person would take any extra money they have and apply it towards their six figure debt.  That’s certainly what my mom would advise.  Perhaps one day, 8-20 years from now following that plan the debt would be all paid off.

What We’re Doing

We’re taking any extra money we have and putting it towards our “major website” idea.  Now I must be honest–the input is limited to profits earned from my freelance writing business, FreelancePF.  I earn $300+ in profit from FreelancePF each month, which isn’t bad for a side business. I am then reinvesting that money into our website idea.  The only bad thing is it takes time away from developing the site, but we have to do what we have to do.

Right now you’re probably thinking: Chris….your idea probably sucks.  Why are you so lame?

But you forget MY WIFE is helping out.   Which means success is all but guaranteed.  She’s a freaking genius, and has great taste in everything save men.

Anyway, we think we’ve got an idea that will fill a huge need, so we’re going for broke.  or is it: BROKE, broke.

No, the idea’s not Facebook original–it’s not even genius (except for my wife’s contributions).  But plenty of businesses generate a lot of money because they fill a need, are the first of their exact kind, or are simply well done.  If we all waited around for the next Facebook type idea, then nobody would be in business.  Except that lucky bastard genius we all undeservedly love to hate, Zuckerberg.

Step #1 – The Planning Stages

I think it’s best not to just jump into anything without first doing some planning.  This even applies to crazy ideas like trying to start a multi-million dollar website while $160,000 in non-dischargeable debt.

My wife and I sat around for months brainstorming our idea.  We’ve tried to think of every problem that can come up.  We’re still half-expecting a “pivot,” which apparently tend to be inevitable–but we’re moving forward anyway and we’re now ready for stage 2.  Having our website professionally designed.

In my next post I’ll tell you how we’re going to have the new business’s website inexpensively designed while hopefully ending up with a high quality finished product.  Hint: it has a little to do with differences in currency.

Here goes nothing.



Chris Thomas, owner of the online freelance writing and web-copy company, FreelancePF. Chris’s interest in personal finance stems from leaving grad school with six figures in student loan debt.