PortAventura is a theme park located in Salou, Spain, and is famous for its wide range of attractions meant to satisfy all customers, regardless of their age. Everybody will find something they like in PortAventura. Tourists can have the time of their life travelling around the surroundings of this beautiful area where they can find some of the most famous characters from PortAventura.
Come get your PortAventura tickets right away and get ready to have some real fun! If you happen to visit the China area, you should really check out the Waitan Pourt, which is basically a link between China and the amazing Mediterrania. You can have loads of fun sailing through the clear waters of Mediterrania Lake. Plus, you have the chance to experience Furius Baco, also known as Europe’s fastest roller coaster.
Farwest is an area that features buildings and sculptures designed in the western style. Some of the best known attractions found in this area are roller coasters such as Stampida and Tomahawk, or the Grand Canyon Rapids.
If you want to feel like a Mayan descendant, you will certainly enjoy spending your time in Mexico. This area is more thrilling than the others, and contains interesting roller coasters such as El Diablo- Tren de la Mina and unique rides such as the Hurakan Condor. The Hurakan Condor is a tower ride, controlled by using a cable lift that climbs riders to the top of the tower and then offers them a free fall.
Other many outstanding PortAventura Theme Park attractions can be found in the China area, where you can feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins thanks to Dragon Khan, a roller coaster that has not less than eight inversions. If you visit PortAventura, Dragon Khan is one of the attractions that can’t be missed, as it’s one of the most famous roller coasters from the whole world.
Every area has different rides with unique characteristics. For example, the Polynesia area features a ride called Tutuki splash. This is a water ride that takes you in the middle of a volcano that it’s about to erupt. However, the great part starts when the volcano shots out the riders in a bout that has a flume style.  Plus, this area is also famous for the Sea Odyssey, a cinema where visitors feel as if they were in a submarine, unraveling the mysteries of the ocean.
Last but not least, there’s the SesamoAventura area where children can experience great moments with their favorite characters from Sesame Street. The great part of this area is that rides and shows are enjoyable even for parents. Get your PortAventura tickets at AttractionTix and start having fun!

Jake Evans
Jake Evans