I think unfortunately, my alternative fabric softener journey has ended. While I thought it was going well, the increasing winds have created horrible static in the air, and I think we need to go back to our Seventh Generation Fabric Softener. The dime we were saving each load was not worth hearing the electricity shocks as my poor puppy got up from his blanket. We even changed the concentration to one part conditioner, eight parts water, but we were still having to use too much; I don’t even know we were saving the dime.

However, it wasn’t a total bust. When I dumped the first run on myself, it really moisturized my skin nicely. I now have a small spray bottle of doubly dilute mix on my bedside table. So far my skin hasn’t been burning, and I can even use it to keep the static down in my dog’s coat.

I didn’t know how everything was going to wind up, but it sure was a fun project.

Next attempt: DIY Dishwashing Detergent