Living Well with Bad Credit by Chris Balish and Geoff Williams is a very informative book on getting things done with a low credit score. Like my other book reviews, I just wanted to highlight a couple of chapters and let you decided if it’s something you’d be interested in to read.

Looking to rebuild your finances, check out this book!

Looking to rebuild your finances, check out this book!

Banking with Bad Credit

If you only read part of this book, this is a wonderful chapter to review. Balish and Williams show how the “unbanked” (around 20 million Americans) can get a basic checking account. Why is this important information? There are millions of dollars going to payday lenders and check cashing places, most of that could probably be better spent helping the worker.

It’s not easy depending on how bad your credit is, but Balish and Williams shows it’s not impossible.

Getting a Good Job with Bad Credit

If you’re deep in debt and need to dig yourself out, finding employment is probably top on your list. While you can cut expenses up to a point, building your income is an equally important and potentially more productive use of your time.

Balish and Williams goes over the touchy subject of bankruptcy and job interviews. The information in this chapter is definitely on topic with today’s economy and people’s finances being less than perfect.

My Take

I really enjoyed this book and want to recommend it. While this book isn”t for everyone, I think that this book can be a good resource for some readers as they get back on their feet. So many books talk about improving your credit score, but this book shows you what to do in the meantime.

Your Take

Do you think that this is something you’d be interested in? Did you know there was a book that covered this topic? When you finish reading the book, I’d love to hear your thoughts.