I just found out about LifeTuner’s next online radio show and chat.

Catch the show on Blog Talk Radio!

Catch the show on Blog Talk Radio!

Here’s the information:

This Wednesday, November 18th, at 3:00PM EST we will focus on the topic of money and relationships during our LifeTuner Chat! Joining us will be Motley Fool writers Robert Brokamp and Dayana Yochim.

We’ll talk about:

•    Reducing money and relationship conflicts
•    Avoiding peer pressure overspending
•    Recognizing how family shapes your money management
•    Finding friends that can help you better manage your money
•    Managing love and money issues

It’s a great topic and something that will lead to a good discussion. I’ll be there listening to the show and I hope I’ll catch you there too.

Photo Credit: dan taylor