Okay, so I’m not dieing, I just get a teeny bit melodramatic when I’m sick. I look pitiful and, well, I just look pitiful.

I had to do something I truly detest today: I called in sick. But I think it’s incredibly important when I think I might be contagious to call in sick as I work in close quarters with customers.

However, I don’t feel like wasting a day for any reason, so Mr. ModernTightwad and I opened our first ING savings account. We were debating between ING and smartypig. ING is at 2% (give or take) while smartypig is at 3.25%, but smartypig seems to be most realistic when saving for a specific goal. Mr. MT and I really want to take a trip to Hawaii in the next year (more on how to plan a frugal luxury vacation), and we’ll probably use smartypig to save up for that, but for some reason I feel more comfortable putting our emergency fund in ING. I really don’t think you can sacrifice peace of mind for a percentage point. I’m actually very excited about this. Benefits include:

  1. Allows me to set aside sub-accounts for our yearly expenses, so we don’t have to raid our emergency fund for unplanned expenses we should have known about.
  2. Raises the interest we’re receiving on our savings account from .2% to 2%.

But now, we have to keep track of multiple online accounts which could get confusing. Mr. MT and I will be looking into Mint.com and Quicken Online to see how we would like to keep things as organized as possible. (Any others you know would be great to hear about.) When we decide, we’ll let you know, and why, of course.

Photo courtesy of (Augapfel)