Are You Ready for Life After College?

Hello Everyone.  Today is our first post for the month of October and the last post in our Ultimate Success Tips for College Students series. I hope that you have enjoyed reading about life in college as much as I have enjoyed writing about it.  Reminiscing about my life in college almost makes me want to go back to school; I said almost just in case my Parents are reading because they really want me to go back to school and get my MBA.

Life After College

I really enjoy my life after College.  During my 4 years in College I had a very busy schedule because I worked full time while also studying full time; after Graduation I found myself with a lot of free time on my hands, which has been really nice because it allowed me to try new things and live new experiences.  I now enjoy travelling once a year which I never had the freedom to do while I was studying in College.  Any free time that I had while studying in College was used to pick up more hours at work to make some extra cash.

Believe it or not I found a love for recreational reading in my Life After College.  I love reading about New York, Organized Crime, and Police Dramas/Murder Mysteries.  I try to read about one book a month, but since it is a leisure activity instead of an imposition by a Professor I take my time.  I never thought I would find a love for reading, but the truth is that I really really enjoy it.  I love reading before I go to bed because it is calming, and I love reading on a Sunday afternoon in the Sunshine on my balcony because it is a good excuse to get some fresh air and a tan.

The one regret that I have about my Life After College is not taking a year off.  I did take a year off after my first semester in College but that was because I needed to work full time.  I wish that I would have had the luxury to take a year off after Graduation to travel the world and find my place.  Unfortunately I couldn’t do that because my life was already planned out for me.

College Graduate Plans

After Graduating from College my Plans were clear…Work Full Time, Get Married, and Find Stability.  My structured adult life started right after College Graduation because it was a continuation of my life during college.  I was already working full time for a great employer while I was studying in college.  My only plans as a college graduate were to get a promotion and move up along the corporate ladder with my current employer.  That is what my parents did and that is what they wanted me to do.  My College Graduate Plans never focused on me, they always focused on my career and my money, because in my family that is what we do.  Everything is planned, and the one thing that my parents never understand is that we can’t plan for everything.

If I could give one piece of advice for College Students who are making plans for after Graduation it would be Don’t Believe Everything that you hear about Graduating from College.  Nothing ever works out perfectly as we plan because otherwise we wouldn’t have a Plan B, such as travelling or going back to school to get a Graduate Degree.  We should have a plan for our life after college so that we don’t end up wandering around like a lost puppy, but there is no rule that says we have to get married, start a family, and have a successful career right after college.  Who wants to start the rest of their life at 23 years old? I surely didn’t!  I also didn’t know it at that time; but I know it now!

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