I’ve been awake off & on for the past couple of hours because of my cat. I like to think of him as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Some nights he just sleeps peacefully, without any interruption. He snuggles with you in the morning to get some food. Other days, he’s just plain crazy. For example, he kept biting my husband and clawing at the bed. We swatted him away (pillow by him, not actually hitting him), but he also came back doing the same thing. Finally when he ran away for the whatever time, my husband closed the door on him.

All is well, right? Wrong.

My cat decides he’s going to attempt to try and open the door by jiggling the knob. If he would’ve just pushed while jiggling the knob, he would’ve been in. My husband gets up and squirts him with water, which usually stops him. He just ran away and came back every 15 minutes. I got up at my regular time and decided to post about it.  Any suggestion, just leave a comment. Thanks.