Over where we live (North Carolina) regular gasoline is $4.04/gallon. Keeping a gasoline spreadsheet can help you keep an eye on your gas budget. If you use Google Docs for your spreadsheet, it’s free.

If you’re worried about keeping constant track of everything, don’t worry. You can put information once a week (or every two weeks), if you can keep you receipts. I like giving my husband the receipts as he seems to enjoy it more than I do.

You can see what your actual gasoline expenses are and budget accordingly. See how effective hypermiling can be by tracking the before and after.

If you see a dip in your miles per gallon, it could mean you may have to call your mechanic to check it out. My car’s MPG changed during the move, which I attributed to the change in driving environment (more hills and I wasn’t driving efficiently). When I went to the mechanic, I actually needed a tune up and it is about the same as before now.

Here’s the spreadsheet that my husband created for tracking your gasoline mileage. Feel free to copy and modify to suit your needs. There are some extra tabs, but you don’t have to be as detailed.

What do you to save on gas money and/or keep track of your car? What’s the price of gasoline in your area?

Photo Credit:  midorisyu