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Many people think that cutting expense is the only way to build savings and reduce debt. That’s not true. One of the basic principles of personal finance is to spend less than you earn. Most people focus on the former because it can be easier to look at ways to reduce your bills.

The great thing about that principle is that there’s another part: earning more money. If you’re expenses are low and you’re looking to set aside some money; consider getting a part-time job. Some people feel that their schedule doesn’t allow another income.

 If you’re a college student, you worried that it could affect your grades as you struggle to work it around your schedule.  Others are worried that the only part time jobs available are low paying and time-consuming ones. While those are both legitimate concerns, it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you’re willing to spend time, you may surprise yourself with the flexible job and decent pay. I looked for some part-time jobs with flexible hours to help those who are looking for more income.

Spilling Buckets found out about the 2010 Census Bureau’s jobs. Many positions are part-time and the starting pay varies from$10-17.50/hour, depending on locale. 

What is the work schedule for jobs?

Work schedules for census takers typically include from 20 to 40 hours of work per week. Some census operations (such as Address Canvassing) require you to work during daylight hours. For interviewing operations such as Non-Response Follow-up, you must be available to work when people are usually at home, such as in the evening and on weekends. Hours for office jobs are less variable but can involve shift work.

Source: 2010 Census Bureau

Fidelity also has part-time positions open for customer service representatives

Some benefits open to part-time employees:

  • Auto & Homeowner’s Insurance
  • If you are a regular full- or part-time employee, personal property insurance, including home and auto insurance, is available to you at group rates through Liberty Mutual® and MetLife Auto & Home®.
  • Backup Child CareFor times when your regular provider is unable to care for your child, backup child care programs are currently available to regular full- and part-time employees in six sites: Boston, Marlborough, Merrimack, Rhode Island, Midwest, and Southwest.
  • Commuter Benefit ProgramThis program allows regular full- and part-time employees to use pre-tax money to reimburse themselves for their eligible commuter transit and commuter parking expenses.
  • Concierge Services
  • Through LesConcierges, regular full- and part-time employees can delegate tasks on their personal to-do lists. LesConcierges can help plan vacations, find home repair referrals, and handle similar personal services to help you balance the demands of work and home.
  • Employee Discount ProgramIf you are a regular full- or part-time employee of a participating Fidelity company, you can get discounts on popular products and services from over 100 participating merchants through the Corporate Perks website.
  • Mortgage Services Program Regular full- and part-time employees can learn about how to obtain a mortgage from mortgage service companies who can answer your questions about prequalification, the application process and your mortgage alternatives.

You also want to consider being a Tax Preparer at Jackson-Hewitt, Liberty, or H&R Block

If you work or have worked for these companies, please share your thoughts. 

Happy job hunting!


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