Last week when we went to Café Cubano, we passed a nearby restaurant, Johnnie’s Beef, and saw a line of people that wrapped around the building. When I went home and read some online reviews, it was rated highly. People seem to LOVE Johnnie’s, so my husband and I decided to try that restaurant this week.

Seriously, people wait in a long line for this food? I truly do not understand. I am going to go against Chicago tradition here and just be honest—I did not enjoy this restaurant at all. We do not plan to go again.

Italian Beef & Sausage Sandwich

I read online that Johnnie’s is best known for their Italian Beef and Sausage ($3.92), so that is what my husband ordered. He thought it was just alright and found it to be dry.

Hot dog & fries

My son and daughter each got a hot dog and fries ($1.92). The poor little hot dog was lost in all of the bun, although my son is happy with any hotdog, so he was happy. So was my daughter.

Italian Sausage & fries

I ordered the Italian Sausage ($2.68) and fries ($1.25). The sausage came on French bread, but again, the sausage was lost in all of that bread. I found the sausage to be greasy and not very tasty, so I ordered a hot dog and fries instead. I gave half of the hot dog to my son because again, it was just too greasy.

The only item we truly enjoyed at this restaurant was the lemon ice ($1.75). I would go back for that, but nothing else. It is nice that the food is so cheap, but who cares about price when it tastes terrible?

We spent $18.46 for the meal.