by A.B.

Sometimes I think people have learned nothing from the distressing economy. I’ve been looking for a dining room table in our local craigslist. We’ve decided not to run up credit cards on everything we want, but it’s getting a little difficult to cut chicken on our card table.

I came across an ad for the type of table I want but noticed it was priced about the same as it was new. I clicked on it out of wonder (“Is it obscenely good quality?”) and was a little disappointed in the answer. It was almost new, never used because they purchased it shortly before they lost their home (Probably not the kind of people that ¬†compare mortgage rates¬†either)

I’ve considered buying this table before. Brand new, it’s a $300 dining table.

Not to be high and mighty, but I’m standing on the soapbox this morning. If you don’t have a secure place to live, spending hundreds of dollars furnishing it is probably an unwise use of your funds and time. I am not unaware that I am saying this sitting in my house that we bought this year, and some may find that callous. But there have been many times in my life that I had to decide if something was a need, or just something I found nice.