With many of my friends with iPhones and iPod Touches, I was looking at free and reasonable priced personal finance apps. I shared some mortgage apps some time ago and decided that it would be good to share some useful and popular personal finance apps.

There are some solid money apps on the iPhone.

There are some solid money apps on the iPhone.

  • ATM Hunter (Free): If you’re out of town and need to find a ATM (preferably your own bank or credit union), you can use this app.
  • BillMinder: This app reminds you of upcoming bills that you need to pay.
  • Check Please Lite (Free): A free and handy tip calculator.
  • Loan Calc: What If ?(99 cents): If you’re trying to run through different scenarios to see your best options, this is the app for you.
  • Mint (Free): If you haven’t tried Mint online, you’ll re
  • Pay Off Debt($2.99): This a handy tool that can help you track your debts and debt snowball.
  • Shop Savvy(Free): A great app that allows you to price compare on times. I use it when I want to make an impulsive buy; many times I see that there is a much lower price elsewhere.
  • Tipulator($1.99): A very useful tip app that can be useful when you have to split dinner with friends.

Your Thoughts on iPhone Apps

If you use iPhone apps, which ones have you’ve found helpful with budgeting and debt reduction?

Photo Credit: William Hook