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In an attempt to learn what makes successful people tick, as well as simply getting to know other bloggers out there, I've decided to bring you an interview with a successful personal finance blogger every week or so. This week we have the pleasure of picking the brain of Bob from ChristianPF.com.

A little about Bob…

Bob started ChristianPF.com in 2007 and has a passion to help others succeed in all areas of their financial lives. The tagline for his site is "Make it. Save it. Grow it. Give it."

Interview Time…

GBR: What prompted you to start ChristianPF.com, and how long have you been involved with it?

Bob: I started messing around with the idea of blogging in early 2007 and launched ChristianPF in June of 2007. At the time I was learning everything
I could about personal finance and money management and I just felt compelled to share about it – particularly how it related to what I saw in the Bible – and blogging just seemed to be the perfect outlet for it.

GBR: What's the single largest financial mistake you've made in your life?

Bob: I wasted a lot of money on college. I don't regret getting my degree, but I paid for it like a fool. I bounced from school to school losing credits during each transfer and I took out a ton of loans – some that I probably didn't really need. And after all was said and done I had very general degree that cost me a ton of money and wasn't likely to open up many great job opportunities.

GBR: What is your current financial goal?

Bob: Since starting the blog we have paid off all our student loans, credit cards, car loans, and everything else except the house. So, paying off the house is our current financial goal – and I cannot wait!

GBR: If you had all the money in the world, what's the one thing you would buy, and why?

Bob: The biggest motivator for me to have all the money in the world is to be able to give a ton away. But you asked what I would buy – so it would probably be a few wonderful businesses with the advice of Warren Buffett.

GBR: What are your 3 absolute favorite posts found at ChristianPF.com?

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So there it is, the inside scoop on Bob and his personal finance blog, ChristianPF.com. Be sure to check back for interviews with David from MoneyNing, Brad from EnemyofDebt, Philip from PTMoney, Len from LenPenzo, and more!



Jake Evans

Jake Evans