Over the weekend, after all the wedding shopping, we had a chance to sit back and enjoy a movie; it was about a con artist who finds out he only has six months to live at which point he decides to change his life by doing good things for others. This brought up a question in my mind “how would your spending/saving habits be different, if at all?”

We often try to live frugal and save/invest money to increase our networth, but what if you go to the doctor one day and you find out you only have five months to live, how would this change your view of money and its importance to you? I believe that knowing you have a short period to live many would change their lifestyles, here is how I would change my current lifestyle.

if you knew

Here is what I would do

Money has never played an important role in my life, I understand we all need it and want it but it has never been my top priority to

  • I would ensure that there is enough money left for my funeral costs and that my spouse will have enough to get through a year.
  • I would resign from my job and ask my spouse to take a couple of months off and we would go on a world trip (North America, Amsterdam, London, Barcelona, Rome, Egypt, Tokyo etc..) for about 2 months or so.
  • I would spend a lot of my spare time volunteering at a charity organization (would also do this during our world trip)
  • I would donate money to charities
  • I would not be frugal anymore, I would be a big spender on things that will leave memories
  • Instead of leaving money for my family, I would try to create as many good memories for my family as I can, money will go but memories will stay forever.
  • I would organize a “Good-Bye” party.

As you can see I am all about memories, I want to be remembered even when gone.

If You Knew What Would You Do? How would your plans change?