Note: I am truly sorry for the vent……

I thought yesterday was ok, except for the extra assignment they wanted to add to me with no compensation. Long story short, a whole can of worms opened up. I decided to cut my losses and resigned today with my two week notice. Life is too short to deal with stress. I was frustrated and disappointed with how 2 managers approached me (and 2 other employees) with the second round.

” We need you in the conference room, Now” is not a great way to open a discussion, especially when I was in the middle of an assignment. I came right away since they were my supervisors. Then one manager accused me of disrespecting her yesterday.


I asked what she meant and she said it was a comment I mentioned at the beginning. My comment was about paperwork, since I asked days ago if there was any. Now I had paperwork to fill out that I could have before and it would’ve saved time. So I asked and that was that. She didn’t bring it up during the meeting and she smiled and joked around with me. Now she was upset?! I made an apology that she was offended, since that wasn’t my intention.(I also could’ve given better answers if given time before to prepare.)

Now her issue was the about the fact that I left my job description in your inbox and crossed off the new account. (Our assignment was to review the sheet, update our job description to make it current, and return it to her.) She asked if this was my way of telling her I was saying no. I told her we already established that we would have a meeting and I was completing the assignment given to me.  (At this point the tone of her voice was very angry and I was literally praying to keep my cool.) She asked why and I told her I spoke with my co-worker who is currently handling the account and it would be too much.

My other manager then asked was I refusing to accept the assignment. I was. Before they launched to another attack, I stopped for a moment and informed them that I was resigning. I also said I had the paperwork at my office. I went back and handed them my resignation letter.

There’s more to the day, but it’s pretty long winded. I’ll think about it this weekend since my boss wants with the job, but I find it hard to see how this can be rectified. Money is not the issue. Respect is the issue and I feel that they handled this inappropriately.

Photo Credit: tm_lv