Today started like any other day.  I was working hard and had a few meetings.  Just about noon my boss came into my office and said that she had some bad news.  She told me that I was being let go because the company was struggling and they had to make some more cuts.  I sat there and thought about the almost 20 years that I had at my company.  It took a few seconds, but it finally hit me that I lost my job.

I sat there and expected to go into panic mode, but I didn’t.  I know that I will be ok; that my family will be ok, because we have our financial house in order.  I am really not surprised that I lost my job.  The company has been laying people off for two years.  I could write a book about how they have been doing this all wrong.  My thoughts were not filled with anger or revenge.  My thoughts were about my staff and how they would react.  The weird thing is that my group is profitable.  I launched a niche business outside our core line this year.  We are profitable and sales are growing.  We will be launching a new aspect of our business that will bring in millions.  The company is short sighted and may lay off my entire group.  I don’t know, I worry about them.

I will go into why I am not worried in future posts on what to do when you are faced with a layoff.  But for now, I will go to sleep knowing that my family and I can handle this job loss because we are financially sound.

Today I received a gift of freedom.  I am excited about the future!