by a.b.

So I’ve used MyPoints for about a year now. I don’t ever do a lot of online shopping, so most of my experience with these rewards programs is just clicking through on the e-mails, getting 5 “points” for each. Low and behold, I accumulated enough for a $50 Target Gift Card. I buy quite a bit of our food at Target, so this is very good for us.

Navigating MyPoints was surprisingly easy. I clicked to redeem my gift card, received a confirmation, and it said it would arrive in 2-6 weeks. I kept waiting for a horror story to post, something to go horribly wrong, something truly writable. With Christmas approaching I figured they’d be backlogged and I’d receive an apology e-mail with a note that I’d see it sometime after Valentine’s Day.

Instead, I got my Target card yesterday, right at two weeks, and I’m pretty darn happy. It’s slow accumulation for me, but I’m okay with that. I earned $50 for buying two Entertainment Coupon Books that I already needed, and clicking 1200 e-mails. Not too shabby.