So, I’m finally trying the Total Money Makeover. Yes, I know that it makes more sense to pay higher interest rate balances first, but since my interest rates all vary, I think the stable balance is a better thing to track.

I refuse to give on the baby emergency fund. $1000 is not enough for us. We have variable income, and Murphy’s law would kick my arse at that amount. We’ll be keeping $2000 in the emergency fund.
Other than that, we’ll see how it goes. I know I’m coming late to the party, but I’ve been listening to the Dave Ramsey show online, and I’ve found it motivating. What I particularly appreciate is the communication it requires between couples. I’m not always good at making sure my husband and I are on the same page, now I have forms and tracking sheets that he can see at any time. They’re not just my spreadsheets anymore! We’ve been on it a week, and we already paid down an extra $60. Cheers!