by a.b.

I know you think it can’t be done, but yes, I reused packing tape. When we moved into our apartment, we discovered that our screen door doesn’t shut all the way, leaving an inch gap towards the top. Considering that it’s only reason for existing is to keep out bugs and (gasp) spiders, this was a bit of an issue for me. Having also freshly moved, there weren’t a lot of resources available.

Mr. MT spotted some leftover tape at the top of the door near the jam. One thing we had quite a bit of was packing tape; however it was currently holding all of boxes together and not very useful, or was it?

Several of the containers we used for shipping were sterilite plastic containers. Our five-drawer unit had packing tape holding each side of the drawers closed. Upon unpeeling it I discovered the tape didn’t lose its sticky on the plastic, and promptly used it to close the screen door. Over the last six months, as the tape wears off, I replace it with the next tape from the door. I’m finally down to my last drawer, which means I might actually have to go buy tape, but it was nice to look at a problem, find a reusable resource that might have otherwise been discarded, and fix it.

Apparently I am cheaper than I thought. So what about you, are there ways you are so cheap people can’t believe it?