Seeing how we discussed last week choosing between campsites and hotels, talking about another vacation decision seems logical. With people watching their budgets closely yet still wanting to get away from it, some are trying to decide if eating out or shopping for groceries is a good move for them.

Is it possible to have a fun vacation even if you pack your food? Can you eat out and still cut back on expenses? I share some tips and tricks we’ve used along with other tips I’ve found. Hopefully it’ll be useful to you on your next vacation.

Should We Eat Our or Get Groceries During Vacations?

If you want to shop for groceries instead of eating out, then make sure your lodging arrangements can accommodate that. For example, while you may pay a bit more to get a kitchen or kitchenette, the savings can more than pay for the difference.

Packed Foods are Your Friends

It’s very possible to have frugal and healthy meals while on vacation. The key is to making the most of out of your meals is to prepare and pack your food.

Don’t just stay at the hotel and eat in your room, go out and have a picnic at the beach or local park. Bring your packed food in the proper container and you’ll have the freedom to choose your scenery while eating plus the added bonus of cutting your food expenses.

Be Wise with Eating Out

While some people will accuse of us of not being completely frugal for eating out, we do try to have our meals go an extra mile. The first tip I would offer to keep your eating out expenses reasonable is to ask locals where their favorite places are. We’ve discovered some fantastic hole in the water places that have great values when it comes to meals.

Whatever we don’t eat at the restaurant we take back to our hotel room for breakfast or lunch the next day. I’ve found that most restaurants are generous with their portions so it can be better on your waistline to split the meals for two separate occasions.

Save Money with Reusable Water Bottles

Depending on where you go during vacation, you may be surprised at how much money you save. When you think you’re hungry, it actually may instead be thirst. Try drinking some water before ordering a big meal out. You may find that you don’t need the appetizer, entrée, and dessert. Also ordering water at restaurants can save a bit of your bill plus it can be the healthier option.

Some like to buy their disposable water bottles in packs to cut costs. I recommend using a reusable bottles with covers not only to save even more money, but a way to help the environment. If you’re not a fan of the local municipality’s water, then consider taking a Brita pitcher or something similar with you on the trip and fill up at the hotel.

Thoughts on Saving on Food

How have you managed to save money on food while vacationing? What tricks have you found to have something delicious and convenient while on the road?

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Wherever you go for your next vacation, I hope you enjoy it!

Laura Martinez

Laura Martinez