Hi there! Before I start this little blog post, I’d like to make it clear that I am not from New York but it’s one of my favourite cities and my number one spot for a vacation. I have to say, it’s truly a magical place to be in but those beautiful lights don’t come cheap. ย Even if you have a sizeable budget for your vacation, you still need to know how to save money in New York. Unless you are super rich, there is really no big enough budget when visiting this great city.

How To Save Money In New York

I can’t blame people for fall in love instantly with that stunning skyline and sparkling lights, I did too but New York, especially Manhattan is a very expensive place!

In this blog post you will find valuable information that will save you A LOT of money on your vacation! From how to take advantage of free attractions to how to avoid being hustled as a tourist!


Eat From Street Vendors

There’s nothing like a New York hot dog or a pizza from a NYC street vendor. It tastes as good as it looks in the movies! ๐Ÿ™‚ These are usually very very cheap, $1 for a pizza and the same for a hot dog. Me and my girlfriend once had a full blown dinner for two for just $8. It’s true! We just hopped from one vendor to the other trying out different things. It’s the ultimate new york experience! ๐Ÿ™‚

Avoid High Street Prices

Everywhere in the world, high street prices are sky high. Even more so in a city like New York. As I said: dine out in small diners and street vendors, shop at lesser known stores and try to avoid high street prices liek the plague! Of course you will feel the need to splurge sometimes on $10 coffee from Starbuck in Time Square but don’t make it frequent. Just 2/3 times will do, just so you “experience it”. ๐Ÿ˜€

Try to Avoid Street Sellers In Times Square

Speaking of Times Square, try not to make eye contact with any street sellers. They are desperate to grab your attention. These folks are the smoothest talkers in the world and before you know it you’ll end up buying independent music cds, attraction tickets, etc… LOL ! Some may be legit sellers but others may be scammers preying on the unsuspecting tourist so watch out! ๐Ÿ™‚

Book Online With Gray Line New York

How To Save Money In New York

The Gray Line company offers discounted prices for special attractions all over New York City, open top bus tours, day trips outside of New York and much more. You can find their offices once you’re there and buy tickets on the spot but if you book online, you will get $5 off every ticket you purchase. Click the link below to find out more:

New York City Tours

Enjoy Free Stuff

As for special attractions like the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building etc… you should be covered with the GrayLine Company. As for the rest, just enjoy the spectacular views of NYC, make it your own playground. Although it’s a big city, it’s just a small town and you can get around the city very, very easily.

Here is a list of free attractions all over the city for every day of the week!

Also check out the 1001 best things to do in NYC!ย You’ll be amazed to what can be done in the Big Apple! ๐Ÿ™‚

How To Save Money In New York

So there you go folks, these were 5 tips off the top of my head that I hope thought you a bit on how to save money in New York!


New York City is a fantastics place for all the family but you need to keep your streets smarts on to avoid being hustled. Although it’s ranked the safest big city in America, you still have to watch out while out and about. Take care of your wallet, cards and don’t flaunt smartphones, cameras and other expensive gadgets in subway stations and places that seem dodgy, even if the locals do!

Enjoy your time, I wish I could join you! ๐Ÿ˜€ Drop me a comment below with your thoughts and plans for your vacation! ๐Ÿ˜€


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In the meantime, have a look at these gorgeous city views below!!ย 

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