With all this drama going on with trying to get the shop to pay for damaging our car, I decided to share some things from our experience. I believe that your local news channel is a great outlet to get some action going.


  1. Time. Always remember that the news business is always busy. Be able to tell your story in 2 minutes or less. After all, if it takes 20 minutes to tell the story to the editor, how can they air it on TV?
  2. Keep all your paperwork and make copies. If you have as much information as possible for the reporter, it makes it easier for him/her to do their job. Don’t give them originals! Have a packet of all your copied information so they have a reference. Please include your contact information and keep it legible.
  3. If your information gets accepted, keep in contact with them. They are always several stories going around. By updating them on your progress, you keep your case in the front of their minds. On the other hand, don’t hound the news team. They are people too and this will not help your case.

If you keep these rules in mind, then you’ll be better off in getting accepted. My recommendation is to go down to the studio and ask to meet with someone.

I tried the email/phone call method and got no response. Just set aside a day for this activity because there is no way for you to know when the editor will have a spare 5 minutes.

I hope this helps you. As always, any suggestions or stories about how were able to succeed are welcomed.