As a student you don’t have much money to be spending on fun stuff (don’t run away just yet). The problem is that you want to do lots of fun stuff because you’re full of energy and are ready to take on the world.

I believe in having fun. I want you to see how you can have fun without going broke when you read this blog. Today I want to help you find great deals on things that you plan on buying.

Let’s look at how students can bargain for great deals:

Use your student discount.

Whenever I did any shopping as a student I always asked if there was a student discount offered. Chances were that at the very least you could save a few dollars. Hey, a few bucks go a long way as a student.

One time I went with some friends to a restaurant to grab some food after an exam. Everyone was too proud to ask for a discount. Not me. I asked for a student deal. Turns out we all got free soup that. Not bad.

Go off-season.

When you go off-season you’ll find that some stores just want to clear up space. If you’re patient at all you can save some serious money by grabbing your summer clothing the fall before.

Shop online.

Most online retailers can offer lower prices due to spending less money on customer service staff and a retail location. You can always find some sort of a deal online.

Just watch out for those con artists!

Ask for discounts.

If you don’t ask the answer is always no. Often the store owner or manager will just want to make the sale. They’ll be willing to throw in a discount if that’s what it takes for you to make the purchase. Just ask and see what happens.

Check out deal sites.

Sites like Groupon are gaining popularity because they offer a plethora of deals. There are daily deals and the variety changes pretty damn quick. You never know when something that you’ve been eyeing will pop up. Stay tuned and see what you can grab.

Are you ready to take advantage of those deals as a student?

Martin Dasko

Martin Dasko