My Retirement Account Update 

I checked my retirement account today, just to see what shape it is in. I knew it was going to be down, but I didn’t he an exact number. I check my portfolio in detail about once a quarter. So far this year, my portfolio is down 21.07%. I’m not happy about it, but I’m not panicking. 

Looking at the big picture we see that the average return from the stock market has been 11.69% from 1928 to 2007. Past performance doesn’t predict future prospects with certainty, but it does give us an idea of what to expect. 

Another reason I’m not going to pull money out of my retirement fund is because I’ll be hit with tax penalties.

How Dollar Cost Averaging with Investing Helps

Each time you invest, you’re buying a bit at a time. Many choose to automate their investments at a fixed rate. The same amount is spent but the amount of shares you buy changes. I like index funds and when the price is low, I can get more shares for the same price I’ve been putting in.

As time progresses, I’m hoping that overall my investments will grow and put me in a better position to retire (either earlier or have more cash).

Photo Credit:  NessieNoodle