“This site is awesome for meeting chicks.” — a friend circa 2007 regarding Facebook.

I wasn’t sure what to make of Facebook 6 years ago when I first heard about it. I eventually joined. I go on and off. I’m not too huge on it. I know that there are folks that have used Facebook to find jobs or for business growth. I mainly use it to make fun of my friends.

It’s funny to see how Facebook has evolved over the years. I still know friends meeting chicks on Facebook. I also know friends that have found work through Facebook.

How much are you sharing on Facebook?

We all know by now that you shouldn’t post too much on Facebook. We all have a friend or a friend of a friend that lost out on work because of social media.

Some of my personal stories include:

  • A female friend didn’t get a job because she posted pics of herself half naked before going out. This is how she dresses when she goes out. The employer didn’t agree with it.
  • My friend had to fire someone in this company because they called in sick for a week and then posted photos from a trip all week while on paid sick leave. Ouch!

There are obvious pros and cons to sharing on Facebook.

This article on Fortune has a different tone on the idea of hiring managers using Facebook to screen candidates.

The article really opened my eye with this:

Let’s be clear — no one would argue that it’s a great idea for you to post that picture of yourself, dressed up like Captain Morgan, stone drunk, on Facebook.  But let’s say you did, and let’s say it’s public — should potential employers hold it against you? A new study suggests no, they shouldn’t.

Hmm interesting.

I’m happy to see that employers no longer only want to hire mindless drones.

Yes, young folks have opinions.

Yes, we go out.

Yes, we like to have fun.

Yes, we work hard all week and will not let you down if you hire us.

What do I think about posting on social media?

It really depends on your goals. That’s not a cop out answer.

If you’re a food blogger, it’s cool to post photos of every single meal because chances are that food zealots follow you.

If you’re a personal trainer, yes, please do tell me about new workouts.

If you’re looking for a job, maybe, you really shouldn’t post those topless photos, pictures of your meals, and bong shots. I get the whole individuality argument, but employers just don’t want to see that. For better or for worse, you do get judged.

You don’t want a dumb picture to cost you a job. You don’t want to lose friends because of your alcohol-fuelled political rant on marriage. I don’t mind getting tagged in club photos because I’m not actively using Facebook to find work. If you’re on the job hunt, you might want to watch what you post.

Oh and one more thing…

Don’t be a social media jerk!

I’m glad that you work out. I do too. Do you need to post every single workout? Your workout will be just as intense if you don’t check in at the gym, I promise you this.

Please, don’t be a social media jerk. If you’re meeting up with your friend Jack, you can text him. The whole world doesn’t have to know about your plans.

Don’t be the jerk that annoys everyone. Keep some things to yourself. Learn about others.

I would love to hear if you guys agree or disagree with me on social media.

Martin Dasko

Martin Dasko