Do you ever actually take the time to look back at everything? Do you look at your finances? Do you look at your savings?

I know that life can be pretty hectic and we rarely find time to actually sit down and actually look at our progress. However, our 20s are a very important time in life. We shape the rest of our lives and the direction that we’re going to head in. This is why it makes sense to reflect once in a while to ensure that you’re on the right track. You don’t need to be into new age yoga type stuff to reflect. Reflecting is important for all of us.

A few ways that you can reflect on your finances and money-related goals include:

Track your finances.

Do you ever look at your accounts? I do my best to track my accounts once in a while. I’ll look over the following accounts to see where they stand:

  • Credit card.
  • Stock market.
  • Retirement.
  • Savings.
  • Checking.
  • Bonds.

The other day I actually learned that my gym had like triple charged me for my membership. I wasn’t too impressed with this. Thankfully, I caught it when I did and was able to get my money back. I also check my retirement accounts to see if I need to make any changes or to switch up my strategy.

When it comes to my savings account, I like to move money around. I have a few sub-accounts setup where I play with money. I also save up for my various goals (trips and big purchases).

Go on a technology fast.

There’s nothing as peaceful as actually getting off social media and the whole Internet for a weekend. With the summer coming up, I suggest that you take a weekend off and go to a cottage with friends. During this time you can just laugh, sing and have fun. This will be remind you of what life is all about. If you have friends to laugh with, you’re already on the right track.

Take a trip by yourself.

I decided to travel the world by myself slowly. Taking a trip by yourself will really help you take a step back and self-evaluate. Traveling through Europe showed me that I need to work on my money management and social skills. When you go somewhere by yourself you see what you’re really made of.

Look at others in less fortunate situations.

When I was in Puerto Plata I got to see kids that didn’t even have enough money for clothing or food. Seeing those in less fortunate situations reminds me that I have no excuses. Living in Canada, I have access to the best resources in the world. I have the luxury of being able to use the Internet to make money. I can do anything that I want. The only thing stopping me from financial success in my 20s is me.

That’s how you can reflect on your 20s. If you feel that you’re doing well then keep on doing what you’re doing. If you’re not impressed with your results then you can feel sorry about yourself. Well, you can also take action. You can step up and work on making the necessary changes to your lifestyle. Your finances are in your control. Own your finances and enjoy your 20s.

Martin Dasko

Martin Dasko