Photo Credit: Ramit Sethi

It’s Friday and I’m waiting for my in-laws to come and visit us this weekend. The apartment has been cleaned several times in preparation for their visit and I’m tired (it’s only 10am). Since I have a few minutes I decided to go ahead and update everyone on how I’m doing with the Save $1,000 in 30 Days Challenge

There have been quite a few new tips, so I’m batching the reviews. I haven’t tried all of them (either they weren’t applicable or I haven’t set aside the time to do them).

Tip #14: Use self-persuasion to share how much you’ve saved so far

I’ve been keeping track of my progress and I’m hoping it motivates some people to try at least one tip in their lives. Most of these tips are revolutionary, but hey are doable and many are sustainable. 


Tip #15: Forget going to a bar — ask people over for dinner

This is a wonderful tip and we have enjoyed having dinner parties. While we have had large game night gatherings, keeping guests around 6-8 people seems to be less stressful. Potlucks are a great way to reduce time and it’ll help the atmosphere.  One couple brought the appetizer and another brought desert. We had the main course and side to make.

Amount Saved: $100 ($50 when we have people over and $60 when we visit a friend)

Tip #16: Cancel any large purchase this month

We did get the hotel reservations for our anniversary next month, but this was a planned purchased. We’re not planning on getting a flat screen TV this month, but we’re looking at the sales to get an idea. Costco seems to have some good deals. 

I can’t say we saved money on this tip as we don’t make large purchases without planning. It’s stil a good reminder.

Tip #17: Buy generic for the stuff you don’t care about

We live by this tip! If I get Double Stuff Oreos it’s because I love them and I haven’t found  comparable generic. We buy mostly store brand stuff as a matter of habit. My husband, though, is very particular on the computer equipment he buys. He not a big car guy, but he loves his tech stuff. 

Amount Saved: $50 (we now also use Costco’s Kirkland brand)

Tip #18: No Christmas gifts this year & Tip #20: Change the date of Christmas

Not directly applicable, since I don’t celebrate the holiday, but I see the how the idea works. 

Tip #19: Save Money, Eat Well and Look Hot in Less Than an Hour 

I have got to sit down and really study this one and I”ll let you know how that goes. It looks like a fantastic resource. 

Tip #21: Save thousands by pre-paying your debt

That’s what we’re in the middle of with my car loan. As you can see with the chart on the right sidebar, we’re killing it. The “please buy me a cup of coffee” link doesn’t buy me coffee, it goes to the paying down the car loan. We have a coffee maker at home.

Tip #22: Analyze your progress in the 30 Day Challenge (plus, see how I’m doing)


  • What were your goals when you started the Save $1,000 in 30 Days Challenge? My goal for this Challenge is to save $500 this month. Not only do I want to save money with this challenge, but I’d like to reduce our expenses by $200/month. I have reached my goals and now I’m trying to see if I can make these tips a monthly habit.  
  • How much have you saved? See below!
  • Have you really tried your hardest? If not, could you double your efforts over the next few days to finish off the 30 Day Challenge? I’ve made an effort, I wouldn’t say I tried my hardest.


For those keeping track with me with Ramit’s 30 Days to Save $1,000 Challenge:

  •  Grand Total Saved:$1,002.25 *what I actually save during the challenge, not including future purchases
  • Monthly Savings: $292.95