Reviewing Health Insurance Premiums

My 90 day performance review is coming up in a few weeks and I’ll qualify for some benefits, including health insurance. The Human Resources manager gave me a packet with the health care premiums to review. I’m supposed to turn it in two weeks completed if I want to have health insurance coverage starting July 1. I’m taking this as a sign that they still want me around.

We reviewed the policies and started looking at the price differences between all of them. If my husband and I have both health insurance and dental, it would be $320 each month. We’re both in 20s and in excellent health. I was surprised at how pricey the plan was at this job. My husband’s previous job had a much cheaper option.

After running the numbers, we saw there’s no way we can afford the plan at my new job if we put both of us on the plan. We make too much to qualify for state health insurance, but $320/month is a bit much for oubudget right now.

The Temporary Plan for Our Health Insurance Premiums

We’re going to have to go with separate plans. If I go with my job and he goes with the temp agency’s plan, it would be $160/month. The benefits look comparable at half the price. Once my husband finishes his contract and (hopefully!) is hired, then we may switch to his company’s plan if it is a better deal.

Have you had to have different plans for health insurance if you’re married? Which companies have the best customer service according to your personal experience?

Photo Credit: Subconsci Productions