Most college students don’t consider health insurance a priority with all the other bills they have to deal with. If you neglect having suitable insurance, it can not only lead to serious health consequences, but also can ruin your financial life. A visit to the ER can average $361- $1262 according Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina. In Florida an ER visit can be just under $1900!

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Buying Health Insurance For College Students

I don’t know many college students and recently graduated students that can afford that. has a really good overview on how to maintain and buy health insurance when you’re in college and when you graduate.

  • One option for you if you’re 24 and under is to remain on your parent’s plan. This would increase their bill, but if you can pay your portion, you can get a reasonably good health insurance policy for a better price. If your parents are offering to pay, then thank them for providing some protection incase of an emergency.
  • Some universities offer a discounted health care plan for full time students. UNC has such a program. A call to your health services department can tell you if this is an option. All the universities I know offer a clinic for students on routine check ups and minor health problems.
  • See if your job offers any health benefits. If you’re part-time, it may not be possible, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.
  • Another option is getting a limited health care plan. While it might help with some basic visits, the lower premiums usually means getting less coverage. Still, it’s an option for those trying to make ends meet.

Check Online to Find and Buy Health Insurance

E-healthinsurance is a site that allows you to compare prices of different policies. Keep in mind while you are no doubt looking at the price; don’t let that be you’re only guide. ┬áIf you’re paying a low price, but get nothing in return, then you’re losing money. Look at the deductibles and co pays. As with every other policy, please read the fine print.

Your Take

Do you have health insurance now? How did you get it? Do you know another way to get health coverage while still in school?

This is an updated post from July 07.