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We’re getting ready for a little get together tonight. My husband is in charge of the sausage dip appetizer and I’m working on the roast chicken. 

When I was in college we tried to find ways to have a good time without going broke. We still use the tips because we’re able to enjoy ourselves, saving money is just a benefit.


  • Find a restaurant with a fantastic early bird special and invite friends. There’s a local spot in our old place that offers 50 cent tacos and half off drinks. Get a drink, eat a bunch of tacos, and it will cost less than $15 for two persons! We found a great Italian place downtown where lunch is big and the prices are half of dinner. We can also order pizza by the slice, which is great for smaller meals.
  • Host a movie/video game night at your place. Having a small party is a lot of fun without a huge hassle. You provide the entertainment and drinks and your guests bring some food. It’s a win-win situation. The Nintendo Wii is a great game system for parties. We making an appetizer and some chicken and our friends are making the rest.It reduces a lot of stress and there is usually some leftovers. 
  • Play tennis, volleyball, basketball, or baseball at the local parks. It’s free, you can hang with friends, and get a great workout.


What are some of your tips for having a good time on a budget?

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