by Andi B.

Sometimes my husband is a personal finance genius. We were shopping at Target, and I happened upon a black felt cloche hat that I love. I’m on a bit of a 1920s kick, but I did not want to spend the money (even though I needed a new hat). At a cost of $15, I told my hubby that I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend that money.
“It’s only $10 worth of fun,” I said.
“Well, even if it was only $5 worth of fun, you only have to wear it three times for it to be a good purchase. It’s hat math.”
So now, we have hat math in our house. When we want to decide if something is worth the expense, we think about how much it costs, how much value we would get from it, and how much we would expect to use it for. If the numbers match up well, eureka, it’s hat math!
I didn’t buy the hat that day, but I went back and purchased it a couple days later. In Portland it rains quite a bit, and I didn’t have a dress hat for work or church. The amount of times I will wear that hat is more than enough for it to be worth it. What can I say? It’s good hat math.
Photo of my new hat: A Mossimo Felt Cloche from Target