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One of the reasons I'm happy to have a blog nowadays is so I can put up a cheesy posting whenever a holiday rolls around, in order to help myself get into the spirit of things (just wait till Thanksgiving and Christmas… my favorite time of the year!)

Today's holiday however isn't exactly one I would call cheesy. Yes, there are some awesome sales going on out there, and yes, it's another day off of work (and a short work week at that), but this holiday means so much more.

So because I woke up this morning, came across an inspiring, patriotic YouTube video, and have some time to kill (and I just learned how to embed videos), below are some various patriotic videos, as well as that particular YouTube video that some recent Air Force Basic Training Graduates just might recognize…


Ripley's Amazing Military Stories

 [youtube -fvWaSAbA_E]

The Changing of the Guard at Arlington National Cemetery… this is done 24/7, 365 days a year, at least once every hour, depending on the season. Read some amazing facts about these guys here.

 [youtube cENccFlXBdA] 

Al-Qaida Head Bin Laden Dead

 [youtube K8j8LpwDo7Q]

 Mark Shultz's "Letters From War" (Leave a comment if you saw this video every week during church service in Air Force Basic Training, and don't lie… you know you cried, everyone balled like a baby)

[youtube uuvbBwsMTgI ]  

Jake Evans

Jake Evans