Whether you’ve recently moved premises or you’re hoping to spruce up your electricity tariffs, one major consideration you should make as a business owner is whether your supplier is providing the best offer for you. Take a look at theBritish Gas business electricity prices and compare them with what you currently pay to see if there’s anything you can save. Business owners should strive to not only make a profit but also to be in control of their overheads. Making savings where you can is one more step closer to a lucrative, and more efficient, business.

Take a look on the net and get a quote online today. Whether you choose the fixed rate tariffs or you take a look at the innovative half hourly metering option is completely up to you. If you do decide on the latter, here’s some of the common questions answered.

What is it?

Half hourly (HH) electricity supply is via a special HH meter which record electricity consumption in half hour increments every day.

Why does my supply have one?

Regulations stipulate that any supply with an available capacity of over 100kWa needs to have a HH meter installed.

What other charges are involved?

If you have a HH meter, you will have to deal with a couple of other charges as standard:

  • Standing Charge – covers part of the cost of linking your business premises to the electricity mains system as well as the provision of the equipment and account administration.
  • Availability Charge – this is based on the amount of electricity that’s made available to you to meet the maximum demand of your business.
  • Unit Charge – This relates to the amount of electricity you use over time. It helps to recover the cost of fuel used in power stations as well as the distribution of the electricity to your business’ premises.

Any UK business that has a peak load of 100kWa per day will have a HH meter installed. Whether you already have a HH meter or you spend over £100K a year on energy bills, you can get a quote online today that will be tailor-made to you and your business needs.

Joe Edward

Joe Edward