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Yesterday, I picked up Guitar Hero III for the Wii. Since Rock Band isn’t out for the Wii, I wanted to ‘rock’ out with this game. We actually wanted Guitar Hero for our wedding anniversary, but they were sold out due to the holiday demand. There were only a few of these at our Wal-Mart and 2 of the Wii version. I decided to go for the box that didn’t looked like it kicked for a block or so.

This might seem like frivolous spending, but this was a planned purchase. We saved the money ahead of time. We did not dip into the emergency funds or savings. The money came from our joint checking account, which has buffer money in it as well as leftovers from the month.

The idea with this post is that saving money can be fun when you spend it on things that you enjoy and you don’t go into debt for it.

Two people can make the same purchase, but due to their financial circumstances, it can be a good choice for one and a bad idea for the other.

How did we save up for this?

  • Look at future releases. My husband is on top of which games come out when.
  • Save according to the schedule. If you have 6 months before a release, then spread it out over 6 months or so. You don’t have to get a game on its release date, but sometimes it’s fun.
  • Look at how many repeat plays can you get it from it. Most of our games are either group games, like Warioware or Ray Man, or role playing games, like Zelda. These games are still fun after you beat them. I’m still playing KOTOR I and II on my Xbox (yes the original Xbox). If a game is good, I’ll play it over and over. I might put it down for awhile, but I’ll come back.

What do you like to save and spend your money on?

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Laura Martinez

Laura Martinez