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In 2012, TD Bank Canada launched an initiative to protect forest habitats deemed “critical” throughout North America called TD Forests. Natural areas are the necessary lungs that breathe life into Canadian ecosystems, Canadian multiculturalism as well as contribute to the North American economy—both through material goods as well as providing employment opportunities.


Perhaps surprisingly, TD itself has a long-standing heritage rooted in the environment of Canada—supporting over 20,000 eco projects since 1990 and over a million dollars donated to various communities and associations since 2010.

TD Forests can be thought of as an extension of TD’s Tree Day—an annual celebration that has led to the planting of nearly fifty thousand trees throughout the nation.

Going Further

What’s new with Forests is that TD is putting effort into reducing paper to pair with their usual tactic of growing trees. To do so, they’re committing to more and more community events, including greening urban environments, forest protection and eco-education. Second, but no less a priority, to these commitments is TD’s move to radically reduce the amount of paper it uses in its products, services and business operations. To learn more about TD Forests, click here.

It’s important to note that the Canadian boreal forest represents approximately 25% of the world’s remaining forests. Not only does this put Canada on the international stage for eco responsibility, but also reminds us that forests are home to more than a third of all plant and wildlife in the Americas. The issue of forest conservation goes beyond saving trees—an admirable cause, no doubt—it goes to ensuring the health, wellness and survival of entire species.

What do you think about this initiative? If you had to choose a bank, would its environmental implication influence you?

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