Chick-fil-A – Spring, TX

I love it when I discover new loves at places that I’ve been to hundreds of times like Just Burgers or China Wok.  Chick-fil-A just surprised me with a really great soup.  I figured I should mention it specifically since it isn’t their biggest seller, so you may not have heard about it either.

Growing up with Chick-fil-A

I was introduced to Chick-fil-A restaurant when I was a kid.  They gave out one of the coupon rewards for participating in the library’s summer reading program.  I really loved their little ice-cream cones ever since then. 

In college, I became a fan of their chicken nuggets.  I could buy them on the way between classes as a special treat, dump one packet of honey mustard and one packet of bbq sauce on them, close the box, put it back into the bag, and shake the whole thing while I made it to my next class.  Each nugget would be perfectly covered and delicious. 

Now I still enjoy their nuggets, but I was craving something new last week when we decided to go out.

Menu Items that Don’t Get a Lot of Love

Here were a few things I saw that I had never tried before at Chick-fil-A:

  • ·         Chicken Salad Sandwich – I wasn’t a fan of chicken salad growing up, but I tried it again last year and think it’s super yummy now.
  • ·         Hearty Breast of Chicken Soup – I didn’t even know that they had soup.
  • ·         Chick-n-Minis – I have tried these now and they are delicious!
  • ·         Lemon Pie – I didn’t know that they had lemon pie and am now just waiting to try it.

Our Recent Trip

I ended up taking a chance on the chicken noodle soup.  I was very impressed.  It was a good-sized portion, was well seasoned, and filled me up.  Even my husband was stealing bites while he ate his Spicy Chicken Wrap.  His only suggestion was to add pepper, which he knows that I avoid.

The best part was that it was $3.69 plus tax, which comes to about $4.00.  I am also sure I could have asked for more crackers if I wanted to.  🙂

Finding new things at favorite places to eat makes me happy.  Since Chick-fil-A is one of the few fast food places that someone on Weight Watchers can still eat, finding more options is just awesome.  I will try to keep an eye out for other new-to-me things on chain restaurant menus so that we can all try them out.

Did you already know about this soup?  Do you eat at Chick-fil-A?

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Melissa Batai

Melissa Batai

Melissa, a mom to three little ones (ages 7, 3 and 1), blogs at both Mom’s Plans where she writes about living a fulfilling life on less and paying down debt, and Fiscal Phoenix where she writes about rising from the ashes of your financial mistakes.