I must say I’ve been inspired by Frugal Babe’s decluttering. So much so that when we did all the laundry today, we decided to go through our closets. We managed to fill two large kitchen garbage bags with clothes and shoes for Goodwill. I might have been able to sell a few items on ebay, but I really love my Goodwill shopping, so this is my way of paying it forward. If an item was deemed too grungy to wear, then it was too grungy for the Goodwill.

At this point I literally have half the clothes I moved to Oregon with. HALF!!!!! I think it would have been much easier if I’d cleared it all out before I moved, but such is life. Next step is to go through the last boxes my folks sent us from Nevada. I’m hoping for a garage sale that will eliminate most of our remaining “treasure.”
Thank you Frugal Babe!